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    Motorhuur en tours in Australië, Nieuw-Zeeland, Amerika, Canada en Afrika Motorcycle hire
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Minimum age

For most of the smaller bikes (up to 650cc/LAMS approved) this is 23 years of age.   For bikes between 650 and 999cc a minimum age of 25 and 1 year of appropriate experience is required.   For the larger bikes of 1000cc and up, a minimum age of 28 years together with 2 years of appropriate riding experience is required.  Note that it is the insurance companies that have set these rules for rental bikes.

International drivers licence

IInternational Licence:  the regulations change often but currently it is compulsory in Australia as well as in New Zealand.  The rental company as well as the police may ask you for it. For the US, Canada and South Africa an int. Licence is also required.
You obviously also need to bring your normal motorcycle licence.

Insurance excess-liability and security bond

If you take out the insurance option with the standard (highest) excess/liability/ (Selbstbehalt in German), the total rental fee will be less, but you will have to leave a credit card bond for that amount as well. You are also liable for this entire amount if something occurs. That is a very personal matter and no single answer applies here. It depends on your budget and the amount of risk you wish to take.
If you wish to reduce your liability you pay a bit more.  This is different for all bikes and locations and will be explained to you in the quotation.  Some exceptions apply: for instance single vehicle accidents and drink driving etc).

What is supplied with my bike rental?

Most bikes come with panniers and some also with a topbox.   A lock is also provided.   Bike gear can be rented at a very reasonable small fee.
We would encourage to bring your own helmet  though since that is usually a better fit that a helmet that you are not used to.

roadside assistance

All rental bikes have 24/7 Roadside assistance service included. When you collect the bike you will be given a number to call (usually a freecall number) for a roadside assistance call out. It hardly ever happens though, as we only work with respectable rental companies who have well-maintained bikes. But in the unlikely event that you do need it, you can rest assured that you will get help!
If you get stuck in a remote area, common sense prevails: You know how long it took you to get there, so the help that is underway, will take an equal amount of time to get to you. Wherever possible, our staff is happy to assist travelers in Australia and New Zealand with advice as our head office is in the same time zone.

Charging your own devices – power adaptors

If you bring your own equipment with you from overseas, it is advised to bring a adaptor plug with you for the country you visit.   You can purchase these at any outdoorshop and most electrical appliances stores.  Most motorbikes have a 12V socket (BMW’s usually have a smaller type) that fits a standard cigarette lighter plug so you can charge your phone or GPS whilst riding.  A handy small gadget to have is a powerbank.   You can charge your mobile phone or tablet with it, and the more expensive and slightly larger versions can power a laptop computer and can even start your motorbike!


Ferry crossings

Aussie Rider is a licensed booking agent for the ferry services between the Australian mainland and Tasmania, Kangaroo Island and the Interislander services between both New Zealand islands. Please contact us for more details or a quote, including your bike!  Ferry crossings must be paid at the time of booking.

Credit cards

The use of a Credit Card is one of the safest payment options.  The card issuers guarantee a reimbursement if any unauthorised transaction appears on your statement which you dispute.  That makes using a creditcard one of the safest methods of payment, as long as you do not lose your card or your PIN.  Note that in countries like the USA, Australia and New Zealand, the use of cards is very common and they are being used for virtually everything:  from refuelling at a service stations to paying your shopping at supermarkets:  it is an easy and widely accepted way of paying and it sure beats having lots of cash money with you on holidays!  For cash, use your normal bank (EftPos) card with PIN to withdraw money from an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and not your credit card, as that would be very expensive.  Most refundable bonds for camper rentals must be paid by credit card as the rental company can easily refund this back onto the card after the rental.   Payments by credit card incur some charges in most countries, we can tell you exactly how much and where.

General questions

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may still have after reading through above FAQ list!   The easiest way to do this is through the “contact” form button in the main website menu.  Our staff will reply via email, usually the same or the next day depending on where you are in the world.